Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Here's The Camera

Here is the camera, I will be using to capture my photos. Nikon Sniper will give me, my first assignment soon.


  1. You have a Nikon D80! I have a D90!
    We are... sisters? hihihi!
    I want to see your pictures!

  2. Good Luck with your senior year. My youngest daughter is also going to be a senior. It is exciting. I can't wait to see some of your pictures.

  3. Lets see how far the apple falls from the tree! Good luck, you will love the D80!

  4. Wow that's some camera. Sorry to read about your battle with narcolepsy. I look forward to seeing your pics.
    Cal x

  5. How did you capture the image of the camera itself? Were mirrors used? Look forward to your work!

  6. DaBlade
    My father has a big white board, he told me to place it on the floor. It good to use for capturing smaller objects, without seeing the grime that can be on carpet.

  7. I'm ready. Can't wait for your first assignment (and this is a really neat way to start a blog).

  8. Welcome to the world of Nikon.
    I too have the D80 + D50.
    Have fun, I'm sure you will soon be taking photos like your Dad.
    Thats where I came from - by the way.


  9. That's a great camera! Can't wait to hear what the assignment is and see your shots. I'll be back!

  10. The D80 is a great camera, and coupled with the 18-200, they comprise my setup of choice. Have fun with the D80 and every lens you put on it! Best wishes for your senior year and your senior softball season!

  11. Hi
    Good luck with your adventure into the world of photography, it will never fail to amaze you.And you have a headstart with your Dad as teacher learn well. We can now look at life through your eyes.

  12. you have an amazing photography blog. i'm a beginner photography, so it's nice to get inspirations from other bloggers. hope you have a great time shooting, and looking forward to your future posts. i am following you now from usa! hoping to stay connected! wishing you all the best on your lovely blog. have a great wknd!